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NIMPIS - the National Introduced Marine Pest Information System

Find detailed information on the biology, ecology and distribution of marine pest species known to have been introduced to Australia, or considered to be a risk of future introduction.

Search for an Introduced Marine Species

Species search by name or number:

Enter search criteria in the above textbox. Text searches will find the text anywhere in the name. Numbers will need to be exact for a match to be found.

Search for introductions by invasion status:

This search provides a list of all species according to their invasive status in Australia, with each invasion status described below.

Non-native - indicates that the species has been identified and verified as being introduced to Australia from a source beyond Australia's marine environment.

Cryptogenic - indicates that the species is introduced but has an unknown origin or unclear status. For example, the species has not yet been confirmed as established or the taxonomic knowledge is unavailable to conclusively identify the species.

Native - indicates the species is native or indigenous to Australia or a region of Australia.

Absent - indicates that the species is verified as not being present in Australia.

Any particular species may fall into one or more of these categories. This occurs as species may be classified differently in different regions of Australia, for example non-native in one region but cryptogenic in another.


Search for introductions by distribution:

This search provides a list of all species introduced marine species based on their distribution. There are two searches available: species introduced into Australian states/territories; and species introduced into other areas of the world. The search will also include species that have been recorded as introduced, but eradicated.

Australian Introductions

Search for Declared Pests:

Several states have legislation relevant to marine pest species. This search will list species that have been listed by individual states.  Some states may not have any specific species nominated as pests and therefore utilise the nationally legislated marine pests.

     Locate introduced marine species in Australia

     Monitoring survey results and other introduced marine species notifications